from Bob and Carol Sturtevant

We cannot thank you enough for your outpouring of prayers, love, and concern following my surgery and the news of the loss of our youngest daughter, Sheryl.  Your cards and notes have been so warm, caring, compassionate and respectful of the privacy that we needed during this difficult time.

At this time I would like to share my experience with my “Angel of Mercy”.   There is no doubt in my mind that God sent her to me to help us through this painful and difficult time.   The last 5 years have been a very difficult journey with our daughter.   Though this journey is over physically, emotionally it will take a good deal of time.   Sheryl relocated to AZ 16 months ago in hopes of finding a better life.  In doing so she left her 15 yr old son behind with his dad with the hopes of being reunited when she was in a better place.  Recently, she realized that her problems just followed her and this could not realistically happen.  At that low point, she made the decision to end her pain and suffering having given up hope for better days ahead.
Dec. 26th:  Early in the morning, when I was between sleep and wakefulness the words—“Angel of Mercy” kept going through my mind over and over again.  It was so persistent that when I got up the first thing I did was go on line to see what I could find about “Angel of Mercy” in Phoenix, AZ.

I immediately called my sister who had been unable to reach Sheryl for several days and who had been our liaison during the last few years when I had to “Let Go and Let God” for my own mental health.  She had just called the manager of the place Sheryl had been living for the last 2-3 months to demand that someone check on her.  There  had not been any response to her texts or calls and my sister was very concerned for Sheryl’s safety due to medical and mental health issues.    Also at my request, my sister called the Angel of Mercy number that I found on line hoping that someone could help.   Hanna Murray said she would find out what she could and call me directly.   Not long after, my sister received the call from the manager that Sheryl had passed and the police had been notified.  I was devastated that she was alone with her little dog, Pepper, at her side.

I still did not understand why I received the early morning message: “Angel of Mercy”.   However, Ginny D was here checking on my medical situation and she had a different perspective of that term.  1st she said, you must know that Sheryl was never alone as God is with each of his children at all times and 2nd she firmly believed that the “Angel of Mercy” was for me and not for Sheryl as she was beyond the need for help, but I was not.

During the next few days, I learned that God had sent me this “Angel of Mercy” named Hanna who called me and told me things that were important in my daughter’s situation.   I said to her you are truly my “angel of mercy” and I knew that God had connected us for a purpose.
As of now, the two major things that weighed so heavily on my mind that I could not do from afar have been accomplished.   Though the 1st task was most difficult, it is done as Hanna, filled with compassion and God’s love, with the help of a police escort and a friend has Sheryl’s personal belongings and is getting them ready to be transported to us.  She had also found a loving home for Pepper and Pepper is no longer caged at the Humane Society.   Pepper actually ran to the family who came to adopt her and licked their faces as if she had already been part of the family.   Our daughter is smiling from afar knowing that her constant companion of 9 yrs is in a home that will love and cherish her as she did.

There is no doubt in my mind that God has been working here and though we do not know his full plan I do feel that someday his purpose will be made known.   Many of you have asked, “What can I do?”   This is what makes the most sense to help in our situation.  Bob & I have chosen “Angel of Mercy, Shelter of Hope (Hanna’s budding organization for victims of domestic violence)” as the place for donations in memory of our daughter, Sheryl Spencer.  Please visit the website:  to better understand what our “Angel of Mercy” is working toward after having survived a violent domestic act against herself.  It is her life’s journey to help others and we plan to support her in this journey even though Sheryl was not a victim of domestic violence.   No one else could have accomplished what she has done for us in such a loving and caring way.   She worked tirelessly to do what was needed to reduce our burden and heartache from afar.   If this organization is not your choice and you feel strongly about donating in some way, we would suggest either LTLC or Place of Promise, two local and TCC supported agencies.

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